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And we bring to you...

Posted by artimahadanna on 2006.09.22 at 16:55
Current Mood: hungryhungry
Porkchops Isobel! Sensational recipe developed from a silly song developed from an insane-Leslie-moment! Served with steamed sugarsnap peas and wild rice!

Okay, this is very rough for now, but once we actually get together and figure it out this'll be updated into an actual recipe:

Porkchops are cooked and lightly breadcrumbed. Then, they are given the sauce treatment. The sauce consists of creme fraiche with a more sour-cream base, little bit of salt and some white pepper, and most of all some butter-sauteed apple chunks with a little bit of apple juice, with a sprinkling of paprika on top as a sort of garnish.

All together now - 'Mmmm...'

Copywrite (c) us.


So, here's the background info we're going to tell my roomies if they ask what the hell we're cooking:

[22:03] ClarityInfini: We were contacted by the ghost of a dead woman. Whose family...you see, it's all in the apples. She and her mother and her mother's-mother's-mother for a long time passed down used to use apples.  For fortune-telling, mostly, and spell casting.

She suspected her husband had betrayed her, so she peeled a basket of apples and tossed their skins behind her to tell her the truth. When she found that he had, she cursed the apples, then chopped them up and made this dish. She fed it to him that night.  After the first thee bites, as his throat began to close, her faithless husband realized what she'd done to him.  He stabbed her through the heart with the carving knife, and they both died there that night.

She gave us the recipe through Ouija board. Her name was Isobel.


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