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The Mortals & The Muses so far

Posted by artimahadanna on 2006.08.21 at 11:25
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They're short, but they're enough for me to go on. The Muses are particularly vague because I haven't figured out their past yet.

The Mortals -

Name: Maria-Dana LaFourche
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Appearance: Hair - Natural loose ringlets, mid-length, dark brown w/ a medium-sized blonde streak in front.
 Eyes - Brown
 Skin - Tanned
 Other - Belly button pierced but not ears.

Notes: Maria is easy-going, fun-loving and free-spirited. She cares very little for what other people think, which can be both a strength and a weakness (on the one hand, it creates admirable confidence, but on the other it can be interpretted as insensitivity or selfishness). At times she can even be a bit of a show-off and attention-seeker, but not to the point where she is disliked for it. She has cultivated a peculiar sort of Southern drawl which is still understandable but exaggerates how comfortable she is in her own skin. She is enviably long-limbed and slender.

Maria was born in New Orleans, where her parents still live, and is, appropriately, of French descent though she is often mistaken for being of Meditteranean blood. Despite this, she speaks only a vague amount of French along with a similar amount of Latin (which she is studying). She only moved to Atlanta in order to go to university there, often going back to visit her parents. She is an only child. Maria has her own apartment across the way from her friend Joe's, and owns an old white, rust-spotted pickup truck. She also does Tarot with a deck she made herself in her 'artsy teenage years', but does not take it seriously. However, the deck will always go with her wherever she travels. Similarly, she has a charm necklace that goes wherever she goes if not be almost constantly worn (currently has 31 charms).

Maria seems to thrive on sunlight, and loves the dawn. Fav color = green, drink = strawberry daiquiris or mint juleps, food = tacos or toffee popcorn, flower = lily, song = 'Sun' by Slusnik Luna, scent = sandalwood.

Though Maria has never had a dance class in her life, she is an excellent and lively dancer with seemingly endless love and energy for it. So much so that she can dance to practically anything regardless of who she's with or where she is. Just whenever there's music. In a small way Maria has become famous around campus for it, though her friends have learned to ignore it like a nervous twitch. Now, she reaches such a reverie when she dances that she nearly crosses the metaphysical bodily border between fae and mortal, though it is not clear whether this is significantly positive or negative. When she reaches this 'euphoria', it's nearly impossible to distract her from it - just wait for it to pass.

Venator has known of her and this dancing tendency, though He of course will not speak of why it is significant.

Name: Brandon Whitethorn
Gender: Male
Age: 20  DOB: 28th Dec
Appearance: Hair - Brown, straight, to collar, usually tied at nape of neck.
 Eyes - Hazel
 Skin - 'Normal'
 Other - Lip pierced (suits), small tattoo of hourglass on back of neck

Notes: Brandon is quiet but not necessarily shy, and tall. He has a sincere, kind smile. Has secretly been in love with Maria from almost the day he met her (two years prior), but has said nothing to anyone and they are none the wiser, because he is steeped in self-doubt. It's become so natural to him as breathing, which enables him to still act perfectly normal around her. Gives off an air of apathy but his philosophy is 'Leave alone, be left alone', which has arisen from teen years with practically no privacy from his parents and delinquency which drew unwanted attention from practically everyone.

Born in South Carolina but moved to Georgia at ten. Has an older, married sister. Both parents alive, who spend a lot of time in a second home in France - thus his parents try to impose their vague, touristy French on him but he just shakes his head and ignores them. Has own apartment, shares with Thompson. Almost all animals dislike him. Memorises poetry for fun, and can play the piano (he and Harriet have rather amusing 'piano duels'). Studies Graphic Design. Always seems to smell of cinnamon, especially his knee-length brown leather jacket (also seems to dress in a lot of dark browns, blacks and grays). Drives an old Mustang. Doesn't drink too much.

Fav food = Granny Smith apples or fetuccini alfredo, drink = sugary capuccino or grape soda, color = brown, scent = pancakes, song = 'She Loves Me' by Black Lab. Loves dusk.

Brandon can distinguish between fae and mortals, from an early age, and has contacts with them so he knows exactly what's going on in both Seelie and Unseelie courts. He has been instructed to keep an eye out for Muses, and to kill them as rogues if he detects them. But upon detecting Venator and Cicatrix, he can't bring himself to go out and kill them, because he believes that too much faith has been placed in his abilities - he is no killer, in any respect. He doesn't know how to fight/kill and even if he did Brandon couldn't bring himself to. This may also be because he's fascinated by them - the myth of how they were Before and yet are deteriorating and are fae but not-fae. Hence the hourglass tattoo.

So of course Brandon's not certain what he's detecting when Maria reaches the euphoria in her dancing - he just puts it down to being intoxicated by her own emotions, since he loves her.

The Muses -

Name: Cicatrix (scar)
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown, can appear any age.
Appearance: Naked but blindfolded, can have any appearance.

Notes: In the Beginning, before the fae had figured themselves out, there was at least Cicatrix and Venator. They were types of fae that dealt with time, but when the fae decided en masse to live outside of time, they were in a sense cast out - they got lost in it. Cicatrix totally lost herself and her mind, so she will never be at risk of altering anything. She's looking for when and where she belongs, her only memory being a cemetary full of bluebells - unfortunately she will never belong anywhere, and neither will Venator. If she ever sorted her head out, she'd never be able to go back in time. Meanwhile, she is slowly dying because she is so confused and out of place. She travels through time and space - 'Ripping' - by becoming a muse. When the 'victim' is lured enough (they discover that she is an illusion), they are transformed into a crow and this allows a Rip. She is mute, deaf and blind, but somehow just knows her surroundings and what's going on, though she cannot understand how to 'control' it or process it - they control her. (Observation V Interaction) In terms of allegiance, she would be more unwittingly Unseelie. Venator is constantly looking for her.

Name: Venator (hunter)
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, can appear any age but chooses 30ish
Appearance: Can have any appearance but chooses long silver hair, brown eyes, tall, black clothes.

Notes: Unlike Cicatrix, he is saner and has 'found himself' / learnt to control his environment and can properly process his surroundings the majority of the time. He still Rips, but is restricted - he can only follow Cicatrix's trail, or keep in time with the fae from the time of his 'birth'. He is constantly searching for Cicatrix, though it is not clear why, and he is arrogant, though he is more restricted than her. In terms of allegiance, he'd be more rogue Seelie. One of his ambitions is to outwit his restrictions and thus death, so perhaps this is why he hunts Cicatrix. Both of them, because the crows are disappearing from their 'sight', are getting that bit closer to death every time they use their power and Rip, though obviously Cicatrix is dying faster because she Rips more than Venator.

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